Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lots of Pictures!

 Once again I have failed miserably at updating the blog, but I am uploading lots of pictures today so it should make you happy for a little while. Maybe just maybe I will somehow find time to update more often, but for now here you go.

By the way, today is Alan's birthday!!! Happy Birthday, Alan! Thanks for being such a great husband and daddy!  Anne Wylie and I love you so so much!

Happy Graduation, Bebe!
May 14, 2011
Blair graduated from Ole Miss last Saturday, and we couldn't miss the big event!

Double Decker in Oxford
April 30, 2011

She crashed as soon as we got back in the car!

Hanging out with lambie and eating her "nacks" listening to the band (her very FAVORITE part)!

Breaking it down!

Just dancing away - entertaining the crowd too!

Anne Wylie and Bebe!

Easter Weekend
April 23-24, 2011
We spent Easter weekend in Duncan at Mama & Daddy's.  Anne Wylie LOVES it there because she is allowed to wake up and play outside in her PJs! ha!

No comment - I promise we are teaching her manners!

Hunting eggs - I was so surprised at how great she was at it!

The only pricture I have of her in her Easter dress. :(

Looks like the Easter bunny came!

Just a swinging... "Sang, Sang" as Anne Wylie would say.

See all the fun things she gets to do at Gran & Jack's house!

Bebe went along for the first ride to get Anne Wylie comfortable with riding.

Bebe, don't kill me for posting!

Ridgeland Kid's Fest
April 17, 2011

Waiting on the circus to start!

Love this face she made when it finally started!

Riding the "lellow" horse!

She just had to climb up in the big tractor like Jacks!

Riding in the "choo, choo"!

She isn't afraid of very many things, but we discovered she didn't like to be too close to the clown.
(He was making balloon animals and tricking the kids while we were waiting for our turn to ride.)

She literally cried when we left the "horses". :)

She loved them so much!

The face I get sometimes when she doesn't get her way... oh well, she has to learn. :)

Sweet girl!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beginning of 2011...

Ok, ok, ok...I am finally posting an update.  There are probably only about 5 people who actually look at this blog becuase if you aren't really interested in checking out pictures of Anne Wylie then you are going to be disappointed.  I am not a writer and have never claimed to be one.  My few little paragraphs at the top of each post is really stretching it for me.  ha!  The family has been begging for updated pictures of Anne Wylie for a while so here it goes.  There aren't really that many even though I haven't updated since Christmas.  You know winter isn't too much fun. We didn't receive a big pretty snow (although daycare was closed a whopping 3 times for ice - icy bridges at most) so nothing too exciting happened for me to take pictures of.  We are so glad the spring is here so we celebrated by taking a weekend trip to New Orleans.  Anne Wylie was perfect and loved every minute of it! 

Anne Wylie playing in the one small snow we got... it was gone by mid morning the next day.

Riding the train...she loves saying "Choo,choo!"

Waiting at the doctor's office...we have had a nasty ear infection. Ugh!

This girl still loves playing in the tub!

Helping me cook... isn't that interesting. Notice the spoon has already been to her mouth! There is evidence on her chin! ha!

At the zoo in New Orleans

I can't express enough how much she LOVED the petting zoo!

Loving on the goat... seriously, giving it a hug?!?

See, she loved those nasty animals... she cried when we left this area of the zoo. She wasn't afraid of one thing!

Dancing in the street after dinner in New Orleans to one of those side walk bands trying to collect change...she attracted a crowd too! People sat down on the curb to check Anne Wylie out and clap her on! hahaha! It was HILARIOUS!

Checking out the fish at the aquarium.

She loved that the fish and turtles were swimming over her head!

Still checking them out... Alan turned the flash off so he could see the fish in the picture. Mr. Photographer!

If you look closely, you can see her big smile (flash is still off)!

Sitting on the frog... this area included the flog exhibits. My skin was crawling!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

We loved every second of Christmas this year! Alan and I both enjoyed several days off before Christmas and did lots of visting with family in Clarksdale.  We even took Anne Wylie to Enchanted Forest at the Pink Palace in Memphis.  No one hates seeing Christmas come to an end more than me.  I look so forward to it and the day comes and goes so fast!

 Seeing Santa at Enchanted Forest

 Visiting with Grammy... she loves pointing out "Ho, Ho, Ho"

 Do you think Jo was just a little excited about her life size picture blanklet of her baby?!?

 Santa Came!

 She was thrilled!

Mimi reading Anne Wylie one of her new books.